Wednesday, 20 July 2016

BAR REPLAY - 12th Sep 2014


  • Overall Trend is up.
  • Prices are ranging and taking support at all time high 8200.
  • Previous day is in decline mode.


  • 09:44 - Price opened below PDC and is trading within previous day's last trading impulse. Prices were forming LLs and LHs and have now taken support at DO. Likely start of up move?
  • 10:07 - Price pierced down through PDC. LLs and LHs are in place. Downtrend is intact.
  • 11:14 - BRN has been broken, so down trend has momentum. To enter short trade at break of pullback.
  • 12:00 - Trade not filled. Prices reversed from BRN. 
  • 13:05 - After reversal, prices are moving in channel. No momentum in up trend. PDC acting as Resistance. Prices are in 20 point range so far in the day.
  • 13:53 - Price shot up through PDC. To go long BPB of WRB high. 
  • 14:31 - Trade filled. Entry - 8127. ISL - 8118. Not a high confidence trade as it took 30 mins for trade to get filled.
  • 14:42 - SL moved to MSP. TP at RN 8150
  • 15:03 - Prices rejected twice at RN 8150. TP at 8140.

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